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アントナンさんは、2023年 8月 16日から 10月 31日までの約 2カ月半にわたり、NTECでシステム開発に関する研修を実施され、またその間に日本の様々な文化に触れていただきました。

Antonin Boyonさん
During my internship at Nihon Techno Kaihatsu, I immersed myself in an enriching experience.
Collaborating with dedicated coworkers, I successfully navigated language complexities, resulting in a noteworthy enhancement of both my written and oral communication skills.
The new working environment presented an exciting challenge, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. The guidance and support from my team not only eased my transition but also enhanced my proficiency in adapting to novel methods and practices.
This positive journey has not only strengthened my technical skills but has also cultivated a profound appreciation for collaboration and adaptability in a diverse and dynamic professional landscape.